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Originally Posted by jokerstars View Post
I'm interested in this Ramp 5P part. That's where my car is now. Been sitting there for a week as of today. How long exactly did you stay there before you got moving?
I'm not sure exactly, I only have the entire history up to the point that it got stuck at 5P, but I know this:

Released from production May 22
In transit Ramp 51 May 22
Awaiting shipment, Origin Received - A27 (Autoport Limited) Ramp 5P June 3

and then I know it arrived in Gibson, IN junction point June 9, which means it most likely shipped out of 5P June 8 or June 9, which is really less than a week... Doesn't seem like a constant delay over there.

Still no delivery here though, it's got to be close now as it's been on a United Road Service truck for more than 3 days now, and it's a 40 mile drive perhaps.. :/


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