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36 years old and this is my first Mustang. I was looking to get a new car when I get back from this deployment. I shopped around for some used luxury sedans, SUVs and pony cars. I was thinking of getting a used one, so that I could save some money. Then I decided I wanted a sports coupe, but wanted a new one so I could get it customized how I want it, instead of what someone else liked. I test drove the Camaro and Challenger while I was home on leave, and decided to get the Camaro. I wasn't even looking at the Mustang at the time, because the 2010 only had a 5 speed tranny. After I saw the brochure for the 2011 Mustang I fell in love. 6 spd 5.0L 412hp... oh my. I did a little research and saw the press had given it great reviews and the deal was sealed. I ordered the next day. Looking forward to getting back and going to the dealership shortly after to pick up my new baby.

2011 Mustang GT premium, Kona Blue, black over the top stipe, 6-spd manual, 3:73 gears, Brembo Brake Package, Comfort Package, Electronics Package, Coupe Package #5, Steeda CAI w/ Brenspeed tune
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