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22 and originally decided to get the Chevy Camaro. That was after watching transformers and before i test drove the car or looked at any specifications. When i finally had time to go car shopping, i decided to spend some time reading up specifications, what to look for , etc.

After reading the specs, i figured i would probably not notice the 200 pound difference between the camaro and the mustang. Oh boy was i wrong! I felt it when accelerating from 0 or even from 60 - 80. Then i started to notice the ****** quality of the interior. The last strike was the HUGE side column that just obstructed my view. It annoyed the hell out of me when i was test driving the camaro.

When i test drove the '11 mustang, i instantly noticed the difference in speed, acceleration, interior quality and just how the ride felt overall. I always wanted a sporty coupe. But to this day i never figured i would decide on a mustang. This car is amazing! I guess i am just a secret american at heart haha.
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