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I figured I would put some information here, just to help out others in a similar situation.

I ordered my V6 at the end of April. Last I heard from my dealer its eta was 6/15. Well, that day came and went and no car. So I called my dealer again today (6/18) and they are now telling me they will be surprised if the car comes in before the end of the month. Then I called Ford CS, and they told me the car was "in transit" and the eta was 6/25 (one week from today). The CS person (who, as always, was extremely polite), told me that there was a hold earlier this month, but all the cars were released, and they are shipping them in the order they were ordered.

This is why my car is delayed. My car was not on hold, but it got put in the shipping line behind the cars that were on hold.

I asked the CS person if she could tell me specifically where my car was, and she said she couldn't. Unlike many dealers, my dealer has no clue what is going on, so I'm not even going to waste my time trying to have them track the train or anything.

This is a frustrating process. I wish they would just tell me exactly where my car is, so I could chill out some.
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