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Originally Posted by FST HRSY View Post
Maybe that's why I've only received one call from my salesperson since I ordered the call because he knows I'm calling CS every week. I shouldn't have to call CS the salesperson should be calling me and updating me all the time. Kinda ticked at the dealership for not keeping me informed because when I ordered it I told the guy that I want to be informed every step of the way.
No, the salesperson is not there to call you every five minutes to tell you that your car has not arrived yet and he doesn't know why. His job is to sell cars, make money for the dealership, and get paid so he can put food on the table for his family. While your Mustang may be the most important inanimate object in the world to you, there's a whole lot filled with more metal to move. Your car will arrive when Ford decides that it's complete and ready to ship. I think in America we think that we're entitled to put a bug up someone's ass every time we throw down someone else's money on a big boy toy.

I swear the 2011 section is getting whiny like Camaro5 was a year ago. "I want my car and I'm going to light a small fire on Bill Ford's lawn every night until I get it!"

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