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This will be my first Mustang.

Though I own a first model year Ford Probe ('89) which was originally designed to become the new mustang (!). Even though it's technically a front drive Mazda. 320k Miles and still running !

I've been looking for a new car for several years now.
I want sporty, economical, high tech, stylish, fast, etc... don't we all.

past favorites:
mini: sporty, iconic, good looks. Con: goofy plastic dash. Unreliable
gti: iconic. looks ok. great high tech drivetrain Con: inside its just a small hatch.
bmw 135. fast, looks ok. high tech. Con: its a BMW, and unreliable.
audi A4/A5. high tech, 4wd, looks good. Con still just a sedan, not sporty.
Porsche Cayman, love it, too expensive, older engines.
Lotus. love it but not practical.
others: camaro: too big/heavy, corvette: not my thing.

I've driven mini/gti/bmw, none of them stole my hart.

Mustang: iconic (name and looks), good looks inside and out, great infotainment technology, high tech engine (finally).
Ford is now rated as one of the most reliable cars, and its domestic so reasonable maintenance/repair prices.
And 400HP !!!!! You cant beat that.

I've only been in one as a passenger, in a 2010, but I was sold.

2011 Mustang GT
Performance White / Brick Red / Manual / 3.55
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