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I am an ancient 20 years old. Ya i know that you young fellers don't know what its like growing up in the 90s.

Learned to drive on a 83-84 Ford Ranger with a standard tranny
First car: 91 Taurus, tranny blew 2 weeks after buying it for $650
Second car: 99 Cavalier, good car but gutless with an auto
Third car: 01 WRX, great car
Fourth car: 2006 Civic Si, awesome car, will always recommend THIS Honda
Fifth car: 2001 Hyundai Elantra, impressed for Hyundai, sold to my father
Sixth Car: 1993 Honda Accord, probably the most impressed i have ever been with any car and i will be sad to let it go, really.

I currently work for a local Honda dealership here in Calgary. When i have told people i am buying a Mustang, they give me blank stares like i am some idiot for buying a "dreaded domestic".

I cant wait!!!

Chaos over Control

2011 V6 Pony Package, Standard tranny with 3.31s,leather & Sync, Winter driver, yea its fun
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