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Funny bc yesterday was the day-------

I was cruising along soaking in the sunshine in my 5.0 Vert after 4 hours of detailing it zaino style-----

I was on a one lane road, and behind me whole way is a young kid in a "Bumble Bee" styled Camaro

It then turned into a 2 lane-----

He immediataley hopped in lane beside me. So there we were, back rural country road, and at a light. He looked at me and said "lets do this" i replied---"you dont want none,this is a 5.0 here" (i noticed him check out the 5.0 badge) he then said "nice car" i replied back by telling him the same.

Light turned Green.

Obviously i had a perfect launch due to my AUTO

I took him by about 2 car lengths and he cdnt catch up.

Next light asked me if i had modded it,i told him its brand new and only has 100 miles on ODO and bone stock---

We then both again admired each others cars and went our seperate ways-----
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