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Originally Posted by Supes2011GT View Post
So today on my way to exchange my shelby spoiler(was the taped on one wasnt liking it) for the pedestal spoiler i made a left turn out of a tractor supply place and out of nowhere one of those water covers that ARE supposed to be fastened in the street broke loose and i heard a THUD. Thought the worse omg the body is hurt then i looked oh not bad just scraped up the tired(asi had puled off into the first place gravel parking lot) and whipped away the dusted and bam my rim got grinded. So i went to the parts guy mind you mine are 18s he said if ya had the 17s it wouldn't have ruined your rim i said yeah thanks the 2010's and up don't have 17s anymore. Ford says the rim will cost me almost 300 bucks to replace and then i could get 50 back for the old one um ok, not. So how does at $500 xtra option from the base wheels equate to 300 for an individual one. Worse is if i ask the city they already told my dad last yr for his pay the $50 form fee and we will get back to you gee thanks. Worse is i just hit 1,000 miles

So do i see what my insurance will do for me i never had a claim for myself before or pay for the tire and say hey there goes my rear window louvers and rest of my mods cash for the rest of the season?

Or anybody know how i can replace the rim i have a lot cheaper.


How about one of those wheel repair services. Some how they are able to fill in scrapes and dings. A dude with a Rubicon got all his alloy wheels done. They looked good after. I couldn't tell from across the street anyway that they were not new. I would not have known but I saw the van parked while they were working on them.

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