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Fell in love with mustangs ever since my Dad drove home a 99 V6 (oddly, the 99-04 new edge stangs are among the least favorate as far as body style goes for me).

Looked at getting a 94-98 V6 when I had a POS 94 Taurus (my first car), but felt the Taurus was just as fast so ended up not getting one.

Then on the 4th of July, 2009, at 23 years old, I got the car I have now, my first mustang. I wasn't even planning on buying a car that day. In fact I started the day thinking to myself that I shouldn't spend too much on fireworks that day.

I had an 07 Focus at the time. I was driving to a friends house when he called me to hold off for an hour or two before arriving. Happened to be by the dealership at the time when I saw this beautiful black 07 V6 pony package with stripes. So figured what the heck, got some time to kill, I'll drool over some stangs.

Looked at the price, did some math, thought to myself "Crap... I think I can afford this..."

Drove to my friends house in my first stang. One of the reasons I've given the name "Delilah" is because the car seduced me into buying it.

2007 Mustang V6 "Delilah"

Mods: Pypes axle-back, JLT CAI, AM 91 Race tune, 3.73 gears + T-lock
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