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2011 Mustang GT Test Drive!

hey guys, as you know my GT is not moving in flat rock still, well I had a back up car I had another dealer to order for me and they said if I did not buy they would use it for stock! Anyway I got to drive it today, I have my 4.6 10 GT I am trading. The first thing I noticed was a nice exhaust note under throttle WOW is all I can say it sounds that good! Quiet at idle like everyone has stated before, nothing a axle back wouldn't take care of! Now on the on ramp I punched it seemed just like my 4.6 I noticed it did not slam me too hard into the seat, but top end seems a little bit better than the 4.6. Now let me mind you that the car only had 5 miles on it! Will I feel a difference once she gets broken in? I did have the traction control on, I am wondering if I was spinning some and the traction control was kicking in, I could not hear it spinning, because the dang car is so quiet! Love the quietness of the interior also. Anyways I enjoyed it, and am going back on Monday, with X-plan since the dealer does not want to match my other dealers price that I ordered the other 11 Gt at. My main concern is will she wake up some more with miles and maybe the traction switched off, let me mind you this car also had the crappy 18's on it, I am going to tell them I'll buy if the put the 19's on and give me the strut tower brace!

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