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I'm 24 and this will be my first mustang, second car.

To be honest, I never liked any of the previous gen. Mustang body styles. Our family for the longest time were GM exclusive buyers, but our last 2 vehicle purchases have been Ford because imo GM has fallen off the wagon and aren't making vehicles that people actually like and want to drive. They all look the bloody same. As soon as I saw the 2010+ mustangs I fell in love with them.

I choose the mustang over the other pony cars because of the performance, the reviews, the history and the looks. The camaro looks good from the outside but butt ugly interior. Challenger looks amazing, better then the mustang imo but its slow as **** and just not a fun drive. Hence how I arrived at the mustang.

I ALMOST bought a used 2010 but thankfully I read an article about the engines in the new 2011s so I had to wait. Picking up my new 2011 v6 tomorrow or tues

2011 V6 Mustang
6 Speed Manual - 3.31 Gears
Kona Blue, Pony Package
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