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Here's a picture of my Ingot Silver GT/CS

I got it this past Friday on June 18th. Here's my story. To me, this is the perfect mustang GT, I called up the dealership, they said they had 4 GTs in stock, so I headed out for lunch to take a look. One of the 4 was a CS - which is the look I was after - it also had all the features I wanted - HID headlights, 3.73 gears, stick shift, and a couple others. MSRP was 37,600. I asked the sales guy to be honest, and tell me what kind of negotiating room I had. He said since they JUST came out, they wouldn't negotiate at all. My response was that I wanted it for Invoice - he said that just was not going to happen.

When we got back from the test drive, we talked a bit, and he went to talk to his manager. He came back and said they could not do invoice, but, he'd offer me the X-Plan which came with a $500 rebate. With the plan and the rebate, it would end up being $400 below invoice, and instead of the normal $399 doc fee, it would only be $75. I was shocked -- here I thought I'd have to fight for invoice and they came back with $400 below! So, again, MSRP was 37,600, I got it for $34,700.

It's an absolute dream to drive - the new electonic steering is superb (really, that isn't a good enough word for it), the engine response is unbelievable. I can't believe they can get a v8 to redline at 7k! Not only that, it doesn't struggle to do it at all! It's as smooth as can be. It's almost like it WANTS to go to high RPMs, there's no vibration, no pause, it just does it!

The six speed is amazing, the shifts are smooth and quick, and the clutch is easy to operate. Not to mention, whatever they did to keep the road noise out, but the intoxicating engine noise in is perfect. Half the time I don't want to even turn the radio on because I'd rather hear the engine.

Speaking of the radio, the Sync system satisfies the tech guy in me perfectly!

My only gripe is the lack of push putton start (with similar remote entry). I like on my other vehicle not having to get the keys out period, but hey, if that's my only complaint, then Ford scored a HUGE victory with this one.

This is pretty much the perfect Mustang - I could not be happier today!
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