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If not for a mustang, what would you buy?

So, I started thinking about this question as I was learning more about the new mustang, reading all the reviews I could find, reading all the pony car vs sports car vs muscle car arguments in the forums, reading comments about track cars vs daily drivers, etc.

It's particularly interesting since the automotive press when reviewing the new mustang seems to think there are only three cars in the world: The Mustang, the Camaro, and the Challenger. Or, that readers that want pony cars would never consider sports cars, and vice versa. Is there really that big of a difference any more in the less than $40-50,000 price range? It just seems to be a pretty narrow view of the car world to me. Doesn't the mustang also compete with the Hyundai Genesis coupe, 370Z, etc.?

In the end, of all these cars and more, I landed on the Mustang....the 5.0 engine, practicality, and many other factors put it head and shoulders above everything else in my price range. But I'm curious, what other cars would you all be considering if not for a Mustang?

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