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Originally Posted by 65sohc View Post
This is a big problem on Shelby's. A lot of guys have switched to Auto Zone pads. They work well, have minimal dust, and are guaranteed for as long as you own your car, ie. when you wear them out they give you a new set free.
Agree with you on the Auto Zone pads. But don't get the standard pads, get the "Gold" ones. I believe you will notice brake dust with the standard pads, but the gold lineup of Auto Zone products are better quality "ceramic" I think. I used to put the standard pads on my old Camaro, saw brake dust, but put the Gold on my wife's 02 Mustang and there's little to no brake dust.


Duralast Gold Cmax / Brake Pads - Front - Notes: Premium ceramic Ultra Quiet - Premium ceramic pad with a patented nitrile rubber shim, includes disc-brake hardware kit
Friction Material Type: Ceramic

BUT it looks like Auto Zone isn't quite up to speed on aftermarket parts like anyone else right now. You can only get Oil Filters and Cabin Filters...
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