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Originally Posted by 2011gt310 View Post
omg dynamat is so heavy why would you want to add weight to your car?
Yeah, I thought about that, too. But I don't race, don't go to the track, and the amps plus sub will add a lot, too. I'm fine with it.

Originally Posted by Propaganda13 View Post
Thanks for the video. I was just thinking about all this. What did you decide to go with? Are you staying with the factory nav and headunit? With the convertible, are you going with a sub? I noticed a large loss of cabin gain with the top down.
I have separate tweeters in the front pillars, mids and woofers in the doors, resonators under each front seat, coax speakers in the rear, a 12" sub in the back, five amps, and dynamat/dynasorb. I don't know a lot about audio, but I trust the guy at the shop who designed my system. For what it's worth, the speakers are from Focal, the sub is from Memphis, and the amps are a combination of Memphis, Rockford Fosgate, and Zapco. The factory amp stays in place because from what I understand it takes the signal from the factory head unit (mine is the nav) and the soeake outputs from the factory amp go to the aftermarket amps. And then from there to my new speakers.

Originally Posted by Slimpickenz View Post
I was thinking of upgrading all speakers in the car and adding a sub in the trunk. I'm getting the GT Premium, which comes with a Shaker 500. Any idea if the Shaker amps are enough to push everything except for the door woofers and additional sub? I am thinking of having a seperate amp for the door woofers and the sub in the trunk and running everything else on the stock amp. I will be keeping the head unit, because it's the nav system. Anyone have any input on this?
I don't see why the factory amp couldn't do that. I have the GT Premium, too. Shaker 500 with nav. I believe from the factory, the amp is driving one 7" woofer and one 5x7" mid in each door. It is also driving rear 5x7s or 6x8s. So it's driving those six speakers. All you might need is an amp for the aftermarket sub. Again, I'm no expert and I may be off what I'm rememering.

Good luck!

2011 GT Premium Convertible Automatic = Received 05/28/10.
Completed mods:
-Tinted windows and all lamps (6/2010); Aftermarket speakers, amps, and 12" sub (7/2010); Staggered 20" wheels and tires (7/2010); Magnaflow axle-back (8/2010); SCT/Bama Custom Tune (8/2010); Sport rotors (8/2010); Pushbutton ignition and keyless entry (11/2010); Supercharger (7/2011)
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