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Originally Posted by BADBOYTOY View Post
Hello Blubyu, I don't think the gears have much to do with the comparable performance of the 10 GT and the 11 GT since both are auto tranny cars. However, I am not sure what the gearing in the 6 spd auto tranny is in the 11 GT compared to the 5 spd auto in your 10 GT. Were you able to drive the 11 GT on the highway above 3,500 RPM's all the way up to around 6,000 RPM's? I have driven both cars (10 & 11 GT's with auto) and I can tell you the 11 GT is quicker due obviously to at least an additional 97 HP and 65 lb-ft of additional torque. I guarantee you (stock vs stock) the 2011 GT is quicker and will trap at a much higher speed than a 201 GT.

I also believe the car is just not all about speed. Which I do LOVE speed trust me on this one! I also believe this new 2011 GT 5.0 is not only the smoothest, quietest, best handling, most responsive car I have ever driven and I have owned three Shelby Mustang's as well. You cannot go wrong with this car IMO. I wish you the VERY best with your decision and I hope my experience(s) helps you. Take care and please post pics when you buy your new baby! Jack
Its 55lbs more of tq not 65. (Premium is recommended for both, the 10 has 335ft/lbs of tq on premium).

Obviously the 11Gt will have a little more pull down low and should be NOTICABLY faster when stomping it at speed....the faster you are going when you stop that 11...the more you will notice the difference between the 11 and the 10. Thats the "v-tech" working for you. If you were chasing an 11 you would be a couple car lengths back and that would grow as the speeds increase/race goes on. If you are going just by "feel" and you had a geared might not be able to tell..if you were clocking it the results would be obvious.

However i dont get what everyoen says about the driving dynamics..the 10s and 11s have the same suspension nearly. I guess becasue mine is a track pack model i cant tell the difference when i drove the 11...but i suppose it is noticable improved over the non track pack 10s.

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