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My wife and I are Mustang virgins. Ive never really liked mustangs, especially 94-04 When Ford changed the body style i started to take notice, but i was still against the mod motor, always been an LSX guy, still am.

Well this all started because we are taking a road trip out to CO from SC. We have a 92 integra that has been the absolute best DD to us, pushing 300k miles. But we just dont trust it going that far. Thought about driving our 99 F350 PSD but its just over 200k miles and very rough on the highway.

We decided on a used Acura RSX, we searched for 5 months, but only turned up flakes and people who felt their car was worth its weight in gold.

What about a brand new car? My wife had her eye on a new 5th gen camaro. I was intrigued by the new '11 mustang. We compared both of the v6 models and it was a clear victory, the Mustang.

We went down the next day after the test drive and ordered a 2011 Mustang v6 base, Performance white, Charcoal interior, 6spd manual, spoiler, tape stripe delete, 3.31 rear end. The car should be here July 17th.

Why the V6? We didnt feel the need for a v8 daily driver, and with 300hp, why? Plus the killer mileage it gets. I have a v8 toy/project 86 Monte Carlo SS LS swapped, and she has a toy/project 84 Camaro Z28 LS swapped.

This is our first brand new car. We are very excited to get behind the wheel of our new Mustang.

BTW we are 25 and 23

2011 Base V6, 3.31, MT, white w/black interior, spoiler, 05-09 GT wheels. (wifes car) 30k wrecked
1992 Acura Integra 285k miles (my car)
1999 Ford f350 heavy hauler 215k
1986 Monte Carlo SS (my project)
1984 Camaro Z28 (wifes project)
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