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Originally Posted by jordanjarrette View Post
I was thinking about doing over the top dual racing stripes, but think that you'll find yourself next to plenty of people with that already done. I just put the hood spears on my car, I haven't personally seen them on any Mustang I've run across, and think they look pretty slick.

Got them from MoProAuto and let me tell you, the quality of MoProAuto's decals are top notch 3M material. They shipped them to me in all kinds of packing material, great!!!!

MoProAuto - Professional Vinyl Graphics, Decals, Spoilers, Truck Bed Covers and More! Ready to Install Automotive Accessories!
Those stripes are looking good. Pair those with a black billet grille and maybe some black rims and you've got one evil looking 'stang.

I love the look on the gray 'stangs. I wanted to get Kona, wonder if it will work just as well or if it would be too dark?
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