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Hahahahahaha, look what I found on SVTP. Is he talking about you?

Saturday morning I drove up to Sebring to instruct. NASA usually assigns me students with late model Mustangs and GT500's. I wonder why???

The student had some prior experience and even did a Skip Barber School a number of years ago so I was in hopes that we would just be clearing the cob webs and get down to business and push the car.

This thing was absolutely bone stock. It only had 1,800 miles.

After we worked on our lines and a couple of technique points we were able to start picking up the pace in the 3rd and 4th sessions. Bare in mind that we do 25 minute sessions with NASA Florida.

This car is freakin' awesome and it was bone stock. He had the Brembo brake package and the brakes didn't fade. We worked on late apex and as we progressed he started his turn in a little earlier at times and the car was nimble and would point and go.

Does the car need some modifications for open track, yes! However for a completely stock car I was pleasantly surprised at how well the car performed. It flat out hauls ass!!

After Shelby turns a 5.0 into a GT350 I can only imagine how this car will perform on the street and on the track. If you are on the fence about a 5.0 or a 5.0 conversion to a GT350 and you want a great street machine and an occasional track day toy, Just Do It!! You will love this car.

I've instructed a lot of different people in a lot of different cars of multiple makes and manufacturers. This is hands down one of the best cars I have been able to drive and instruct in. We passed everything on the track with one exception. A Shelby GT500!! I really have to hand it to Ford, they hit a homerun. This car is simply awesome and in the hands of a novice or highly capable driver you cannot go wrong for street or track. I can only imagine how well it will be with some modifications. As a GT350, this car will be sick!! The GT350 Supercharged is going to be a freak show on the road course!!

Now I'm going to start trying to save up some funds and hopefully when the opportunity presents itself there will be an available GT350 CSM Number.

I must have one!!

Absolutely a pony for the stable!! I am thoroughly impressed and I think anybody that gets to drive one will be as well.

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