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Originally Posted by Blubyu View Post
Is it true your only allowed to use 1 Private offer and one Public Offer?
Absolutely NOT TRUE!!!!!

I am doing some serious research right now on rebates and discounts (remember the thread I made about the $3000 in rebates I was getting on the Sonata, and trying to find as much $$$ as possible from Ford?). When I'm finished (few more days) I will have the most comprehensive listing of rebates and discounts Ford is offering on the Mustang that I would be glad to share with all of you.

Meanwhile, I have discovered that "Public" offers can be combined for as many as you find. Right now I've found a page on the Ford website that combines FOUR separate discounts of "Public" offers on an F150 XLT for a total savings of $5500 !!!!!

2010 Ford F-150 | Your Incentives & Offer Results |

What IS apparently true is that it appears you can only use one "PRIVATE" offer per purchase. This means a rebate that is closed to everyone except a particular group of people. An example is the Police discount, the Military discount, or the American Quarter Horse Assn. discount. If you're a retired military guy who is currently a cop and owns a Quarter Horse, you can have the $500 rebate from any ONE of them; you can't combine all three for a total of $1500

Can anyone disprove this, please?
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