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Originally Posted by dude304 View Post
I just want to express to all those who are waiting for your 2011 mustang GT. I waited over 3 months and did consider canceling my order. Well i got my GT thursday and wow! All i can say is ford did an amazing job on this car and I will always buy a ford (well i will always anyways since my father works for ford)
But the power that car produces over the previous models is very impressive. Even the interior is changed around. The dash is small, which i love because previous mustang, the dashes were just way to big and plain. This new dash is almost like the dash in the new taurus.

I have gotten so many compliments about this car. even from 2010 mustang GT owners saying "damn i should of waited a year for this one"

Also. Ford has changed around there quality program. Before if it was a minor defect, they would usually just send the part to the dealer and have the dealer fix it before you took ownership of it. Well now ford does not do that. My dads exact words to me after his plant changed the quality program "Ford does not release junk like those foreign companies" And knowing this, i am proud to be buying American products.

So if your considering canceling Don't. Because this car is soooo worth the wait.
Appreciate the insight but the post is just a bit biased, no?

Honda and Toyota (those foreign companies) don't sell millions of cars because they're junk. And Ford didn't lose market share for years because their cars were better.

I hope that this new quality program results in not just "the best Fords ever" but "the best automobiles ever." I was impressed with the '11 Mustang enough to buy a new one even though I swore I'd never buy a NEW Ford again. So maybe I'm a convert.
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