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This is nothing. When I was 19 (6 years ago), driving my '98 GT, I was screwing around with this small tow-truck driver who was tailgating me on the freeway. I exited but he started to follow me. I figured he was pissed and honestly I was a bit scared so I floored it, ended up doing 100 on a 45 on the road by my house, and 90 in a 35 on the next road. It was almost midnight so I didn't even pass any other cars. He was pretty far back by then. Soon I blew through a stop sign on the next road and a cop driving the opposite way did a 180 and pulled me over. A minute later the truck driver caught up and got out and talked to the cop. The cop said the truck driver had notified the police via dispatch of my speeding. He asked how fast I was going and I went fully honest and admitted to 100. He said he could very well have my car towed and me taken to jail. Went to his car and came back, and said he'd give me the option of a ticket of reckless driving, or a ticket of going through a stop sign. (WOW). So I got out of there with just that.

Now the funny part is I STILL decided to go to court (can't hurt right?). The cop showed, and he told the judge what happened. I told the judge the only reason I was driving so fast was because I felt I was being followed (the truth, though I probably didn't have to go 100 to get away lol) which the judge believed since it did fit with how the officer said the truck driver was "attempting" to track me. The judge REDUCED the ticket to impeding...which is not even worth points here in MI. He was like "so we're letting you off VERY easy aren't we?"

Yeah I'm very lucky for that.
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