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I was dead set on a Camaro and if the 2011 Mustang was a rehash of the 2010, I'd be driving a Camaro today. I liked the Camaro, but decided to wait on the 2011 Mustang just to see. Mustang beat it from the start during the test drive. Other cars I considered were the Genesis and Rx-8. I was leaning more to the pony car, and the Challenger was out from the beginning - they look nice on the outside but that's about all they have going for them. If you had asked me everyday since I was old enough to know about cars I would have said I'd never buy a Mustang, especially if a Camaro still existed. Now I'm older and wiser and have a Mustang. MY dad is in the same boat now and he really wants a Camaro but he knows after driving my Mustang that the Mustang is better.
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