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Wouldn't that be great, I agree. With new cars, they should be correctly prices where there is no haggling. Just like going to Best Buy to get a TV. However, this has been tried and it did NOT work. Why, the American public WANTS to haggle. True enthusiasts like most on this board would rather go get the car they want and pay a fair price that is listed. But, there are those that must haggle. I actually did some studies on the topic. If you remember, many dealers tried this after CarMax and Autonation started doing this with used cars. It didn't work because of demand. What people don't get is the CarMax model. Yes, you can likely get a lower price through a dealer. However, did the dealer really give the used car that 180 point check up and will they really stand behind the sale? No, not typically. It really is too bad it isn't this way.
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