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Any Suggestions? Thinking of trading my 06 roush- sorry long

Well, I think the title says it all. I love my Stage 1 Roush but I miss my convertible I used to have, so I am thinking about upgrading.

This is my first post on this website, but it seemed to have the most info and posts on the 11 so I am hoping you guys that bought one or researched them can help.

The biggest issue I have with my 06 is the brakes, but I am not sure I want everything the brembo package has to offer, are the stock brakes better than the crappy stock brakes on the earlier S197's like mine? I know they are supposed to be bigger, but I cant find anything that says how big and if they are enough for the car.

Question 2, one of the biggest issues of looks I have with the new 10-11 mustang look is the black around the bottom of the car... I hate it. Is there any packages that make it look better from the factory? I know the only real one would be the CS package, but yet again I dont like everything it has to offer. But it is in my top lists, of course I cant get the brakes with this one.

For those of you that own an 11, is there any options you got you wish you could change? Is there anything you wish you could have got? What about the spoilers, scoops, etc...

I am a firefighter and unfortunatley the thought of a 42k mustang GT is crazy to me, but I really like the new car. I will talk to a dealer, but my past expreiance is that owners/ enthusiasts know way more than the dealers do. I want to go knowing more than they do!!!

I appreciate any advice you all can provide. I am just starting my research, and I am not rushed to buy one. Of course its summer time and I really want a vert to enjoy it.

2011 Roush Stage 2 Convertible Race Red with painted gloss black stripes, Charcoal Interior-Roush # 11-0306
Bama Tuned, Roush Front and Rear Brake Kit, Roush Exhaust with Square tips, 20" wheels, Roush seating with Red stitching
Roush Billet Grille matching lower 3 piece, Matte Black side and top stripes, White Face Gauge cluster, Convertible Light Bar Purchased 27Dec2010
Dyno'd 401 HP/ 390 Ft lbs at the wheels
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