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Originally Posted by CorvetteDreamin View Post
Appreciate the insight but the post is just a bit biased, no?

Honda and Toyota (those foreign companies) don't sell millions of cars because they're junk. And Ford didn't lose market share for years because their cars were better.

I hope that this new quality program results in not just "the best Fords ever" but "the best automobiles ever." I was impressed with the '11 Mustang enough to buy a new one even though I swore I'd never buy a NEW Ford again. So maybe I'm a convert.
Just for the record. the new JD Power quality rankings just came out. Ford (5th) beat Honda (6th) and Toyota(21st). The only cars better than Ford were Mercedes, Accura, Porche & Lexus, all big buck cars. Ford and Lincoln were the only American brands in the top 10.

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