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Originally Posted by nsthesa View Post
It is probably too late if you purchased the car already, but your salesman should have done a " smart vincent" search to see what rebates etc.. you would be entitled to. That is a Ford computer program that looks to see what rebates a particular customer is entitled to.. If he didn't then you have a fight on your hands. For instance I had the $750 brochure rebate but it already was showing on his computer and I didn't have to hand it to him. There is also a $500 public rebate that everyone should be entitled to. My price reflected that combined total of $1250 off. That also saves you sales tax on that amount so here in Pa. at 6 % it's like another $75 off.

The moderators should do a sticky on the brochure rebates so newbies know about it.
The $750 brochure rebate will only show in Vincent (to my understanding) if the customer ordered one from Ford. I got mine and my dealer already had it pulled when I picked up my car Monday. If Gary didn't order a brochure, I don't think he'll get the discount.

The $500 public rebate is good only for certain regions. For example, SC did not get the discount. This did not show on Vincent for me.

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