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Originally Posted by wannapony View Post
We've just sold our 2nd car (05 Toyota Avalon) to make room in the garage for the new Mustang GT. Now operating with 1 car - interesting. Anyway, here's a list of goodies the Avalon had that the new Mustang won't:

sequential shifting for the auto trans
2-position seat memory
Home Link garage door opener
telescoping steering wheel
laser-assisted adaptive cruise control
keyless ignition - push button start
rain-sensing windshield wipers
power operated rear window shade
cooled as well as heated front seats

Okay - I know the Mustang is all about performance, and all that extra junk just adds weight. Still, the GT I ordered is around $40k, so it could be a little better equipped. What I'll miss the most is the seat memory (wife & I both drive both cars), the adaptive cruise control and the sequential shifter. The rest is just frills.

Once I get the new GT, I'm sure the occasional pedal to the floor will remind me what it's all about.
I'll bet you forgot one (2?) thing, illumated visor mirrors. Your list is almost exactly what my GT Premium is missing that my wife's MKZ has...and the MKZ was less money than the 'stang. Yesterday, I was really missing the cooled seats, but all in all, we still like the 'stang a lot more.
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