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Originally Posted by Ace_High View Post
I called ford CS today and holy cow, my car is in transit......ETA May 31! Congratulations, they said........Wahooo I said...........Oh, wait a minute, that's the same status they have given me for the last month.......Sir, your car is in production going through final inspection, you know, ford wants to make sure it is the best product. Huh, I said, you are blowing smoke up my skirt. My car was produced May 25 and has been sitting at ramp 51 for over a month. Not in production, not moving. His reply, Oh, all will be shipped by the end of the month. Then, I said, that's a week away, if it were true, why is my ETA still May 31? I don't believe you. His reply, you should talk to your dealer, he will have more information. Is there anything else I can help you with? So, thanks ford CS, you once again, deceive, with a smile.

I still have no update, no car.
You mean June 31st? I'm not a smart man jennay, but I think its a fair assumption it wont be there 23 days ago

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