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I've probably been playing around with the idea of getting a new car for about two years before finally ordering my GT back in April, and I considered quite a few different cars from different categories...

- Infiniti G35/37S 6MT sedan - I loved the way the car looked inside and out, and more than quick enough to be fun, and handled almost like a Nissan Z (not surprising, since the two cars share the same platform), yet had all the practicality of a 4-door sedan. The only thing that turned me off was the stock exhaust note and the horrendous method Infinti groups their option packages together (one option in one package I wanted would require me to select another package which had options I DIDN'T want), where checking two option boxes jacked the price up by almost $ thanks.

- Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 - I was genuinely surprised by this car once I saw it in person. I'm not a fan the of the stock grille, but overall the exterior looked very sleek to me, and the interior didn't look too bad either (though still a bit on the cheap side). When driving the car it handled quite well, IMO better than my '06 GT, although it came up short in power/acceleration. Also liked the exhaust note, IMO better than VQ35/37 engines. In the end, the coupe just didn't have enough power to satisfy more, and paying $30+k for the Track version with Brembos and sportier suspension didn't sit too well with me (but, if they could somehow fit the 4.6L V-8 from the Genesis sedan or the upcoming 2.0L 274hp turbo four for the Sonata, I'd be considerably more interested)

- Nissan 370Z - I liked the small size of the car, and loved most of the layout of the cockpit. Also impressed by the handling and acceleration. But, like the infiniti, I didn't care for the sound of the VQ-series engine, and as a car I would use as a daily driver, completely impractical. Also, although I found the car quite comfortable once inside of it, getting in and out was literally a tremendous pain for me, due to my bad back.

- Dodge Challenger R/T - Never got to drive one, but love the styling of the car. Also liked the amount of interior room, but the dash layout seemed a bit too plain IMO. Nor did I care for the overall size and weight of the car. Also didn't like that I had to pay $1000 just to row my own gears.

- Honda Fit/Ford Fiesta - Yup, you read that right. Nope, I'm not kidding. There was a (thankfully brief) time where I considered getting out of the performance car game altogether and just wanted simple, economical, A-to-B transportation.

- Chevrolet Camaro SS - If there was no 5.0/6M available for 2011, this would've been the car I'd most likely buy. Not too crazy about the rear styling, or that the designers obviously placed form over function overall. Still, I do like the overall styling, and though I was really underwhelmed by the interior styling and lack of visibility and headroom (at least in moonroof-equipped cars), I liked the ride characteristics over bumpy roads thanks to the IRS, loved the power/torque/sound of the LS3 (still doesn't sound quite as good as the 5.0, though IMO) and for a car that weighed around 3900lb I thought it handled, accelerated and stopped quite well. In the end, the interior, lack of visibility and dealers unwilling to sell at/under invoice is what scratched the Camaro from my list.

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