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Originally Posted by Old Shadow View Post
Tara, like Giz and Pal and Tmodem and many more, we really like the V6 Mustang and don't worry about people who are only hung on hp.
As long as I'm happy with my car, I'm not too worried about anything negative other people may think I know everyone has their opinions hehe. The super sweet V6 burnout we did on our overnight test drive sold that car in an instant performance wise. I used to be like "ugh V6 whats the point?" But this 3.7L has some great performance and has totally changed my tune about that!

It'll be the fastest car I've driven to work in ~4+ years!

Once it comes in, we're going to do a photo shoot with our friend's 2011 GT next to it.

2011 Mustang 3.7L
Performance White
Charcoal Interior
6-spd MT 82
3.31 gears
Order date: 6/8 | VIN received: 6/15 | Build date: 6/21| Arrived: 7/15
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