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I like an update once a week or so. Its been hard for me to wait, because my "fun cars" have been down for 4+ years. After daily driving a 92 Integra LS for 3 years, I'm ready to have something fun. Plus it's my first brand new car. I also want to hear an update on the ETA, because it's changed twice now, luckily both to earlier dates.

I was insanely excited when I got to see my window sticker, I look at it every morning lol. Knowing that it was built on Monday makes me even more antsy! So far I haven't gotten an update from my dealer this week, but he may update me on Friday, like he did last week. Also thinking about calling CS to see what they have to say. It'll be the first time I've called. I'd love to have a copy of the tracking sheets when or before it gets here, just to have a copy of it's progress to file away. (All my cars have file folders to keep track of parts, maintenance, etc).

My mother in law told me she would make it her mission to keep my mind off it by making me think of other stuff going on, but after failing at that she reminds me about it everyday to "annoy" me :p

I totally understand and agree with you though! I am just incapable of making the same promise

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