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Originally Posted by brycerichert View Post
Here is my promise.. sorry to be a killjoy.

After reading hundreds of posts of "where's my car?", "what train is it on?", "what truck is it on?", "what ramp is it on?", "what quadrant is it in?", "will the oil slow the progress of my car arriving?"..... I promise to not call my dealership or Ford asking where my car is.

It comes when it comes. Calling will do nothing to affect when the car comes.

Thinking about it will not affect when the car comes.

When the dealer gets it, they will call me, whether it is one month or 4 months from now. They will not just let it sit on their lot after it arrives; I'm certain they will call when it comes in. They would not want a car to sit on their lot after it gets there.

I will go on with life as one should and not beat myself up as to where a car is... it's just a car.

This is my promise.

Remember people... it will come when it comes... fretting, calling, worrying will not change anything.

If it's sunny outside... go out and play and think about something else besides the car.

Haha that would be great If my current car wasn't dieing and I didnt need to decide wether or not to pay for repairs. In other words, if I am going to wait another month , maybe i will invest in a muffler haha.... if its going to be a few days I can just put off a few errands and not worry about the exhaust system falling out... which it is. I dont obsess over my arrival date only because I am excited, its because i need to make sure my car can make it to the dealership!

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