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Originally Posted by swisherteets View Post
ok guys
so I FINALLY got my VIN but nothing is showing up for the window sticker yet
I guess this is natural as it takes about a week for the sticker to show up on the site?

I did call CS and asked about the VIN to make sure it was my car. It seems to be correct. So heres to hoping the thing gets built soon.
When I got my VIN I immediately got a build date. But I also did retail order verification.

Your sticker will NOT show up until 3-5 days before your build. Don't bother checking for the while. The most difficult part will be after your car is built and it just doesn't ship. My car was finished on the 4th of June and has been bouncing between AAI, Ramp 5P, and "offsite" for the last three god damn weeks.

Other people with similar build dates got theirs shipped asap. F Ford.
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