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Originally Posted by brycerichert View Post
When the dealer gets it, they will call me, whether it is one month or 4 months from now. They will not just let it sit on their lot after it arrives; I'm certain they will call when it comes in. They would not want a car to sit on their lot after it gets there.
I would agree if I had confidence that my car would arrive in a timely manner. 2 months from build is too long as is 3 or 4. Folks are spending $30,000+, I'm spending over $40k. I didn't worry about calling other than to get my vin, but once June rolled around I was concerned that my 40k car was going through so many QC checks that it might not be worth the 40k I was spending on it. So now I'm not calling anymore because I've given the dealer a day in July when I plan on coming in to pick up my deposit if my car hasn't arrived yet. I'll drive my 05' into the ground and get some other companies car next time. Part of my job is sales and it seems that Ford missed the memo about managing clients expectations.

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