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Originally Posted by Chilson View Post
I picked a stick. Can I drive a stick? I have before. Am I good at a stick? No.

I was ready to pull the trigger on an auto but then I thought to myself this is a Muscle Car. It would have been very hypocritical if I got the auto. Every time I have seen a Mustang with an Auto since I was a kid I have though oh that sucks. Why wouldn't this person get a stick? To be honest I am nervous as can be about learning to drive a stick well. I know that once I know how a Mustang will be a much better car to have with a stick. I completely understand traffic being a problem. You want a Mustang, you may even want a stick, but traffic kills that idea.

Sticks are definitely a dying breed. I love Mustangs and have always wanted a stick but fear held me back. So my reason for buying a stick, breaking out of my comfort zone and about to enjoy rowing the gears myself. I think we can all agree the fact that we are getting a Mustang or have a Mustang is awesome no matter who is shifting.
agreed about the dieing breed and seeing mustangs in stick and thinking lameeee traiiinn

I have to say the mustang stick will take a little to get used to. For me when i test drove it was a big change from my tiny little early 90s honda civic. But you will learn quick. It is so smoooth.

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