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I've always loved the standard, even when it was *three on a tree*. My Acura was an auto, but I always drove it in sport mode so I could do the shifting. It wasn't exactly doing all the shifting, but I made most of the decisions!
Most of my other cars have been manuals, except for the model's that didn't offer standards. I just couldn't buy a Mustang without a standard, unless there was something wrong with me.
Standards are so much more fun! You are making the decisions. Shifting becomes second nature, at times you're not even aware you've made a shift. You really don't think about it, unless you're stuck in stop and go traffic. That's when your left thigh can really get tired!
Hopefully, I'll still be able to drive a standard until I'm forced to give up driving.
But...whatever makes YOU happy is what counts.
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