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Originally Posted by brycerichert View Post
BS?? Sure, why not. Brian emailed it to me from the dealership and someone told me to type it into this website. So I did. If the car comes next week, next month, or 4 months from now... it will not change a thing about my relationship with the car. it will still be fun to drive. I've got too much **** to do these days.... to worry about when it's going to show up, what train it's on, what milepost it's at would just hinder other things I'm trying to accomplish. When it gets here it gets here.

For those of you who put sizeable deposits on the car... well, it's not like they are going to be stealing the money from you and not delivering the car. When I ordered they told me it will take from 2 to 4 months. I said, sure, why not.

God bless all of you who's lives this QI process is obviously affecting. I hope you will be happy soon. Just remember, the car will be better because of the wait.

Our (well my) bitching isn't about the length as much as it is about how the deliveries have gone. Cars that are similiar in set up that were built almost two months after mine are on peoples driveways.

There's no good explanation from Ford or my dealership about why mine is delayed or how much longer the delay is going to be. There's rumors and confirmed reports from folks here and elsewhere as to the why and how's in general but I've got nothing regarding my VIN. That's not a good business practice.

Heck at this point I'm worried if I will have future issues with the car because of all the issues, real or otherwise, that are keeping it from being delivered. So no I will not feel better about the car because of the wait. I think Ford and probably other car companies need to realize that being honest and open with customers about their specific purchase is a priority even if that means giving the customer bad news. I think in most cases it would help build stronger brand loyalty because even though the new engine excited me enough to trade in a car I was planning on keeping for a while the customer service I'm receiving from Ford will make me think twice about buying from Ford again.

Yes I'll be disappointed if I cancel. Even though I love my 05' GT it now has the same horsepower as the new V6. At some point it comes down to the principle of it all.

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