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Originally Posted by SF18C View Post
Okay first I am a new member and wanted to say hi!

I currently have a 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8, which I totally love! Yes it is a big heavy car, but the 6.1L really performs and living in Europe I have had plenty of chances to run it wide open, 170MPH+. But since I bought the car for my wife I have run into some issues with “availability.” That got me to looking around for another go-fast car. My research keeps leading me to the 2011 Mustang 5.0. More specifically a Black GT Premium (401A), 6-Speed Manual, Brembo Brakes, 3.73 Rear End, HIDS, Comfort and Electronics Packages (w/the NAV), & Rear Camera. I would like to also add the Side/Hood Scoops and Window Louvers. By the Ford web site that comes in around $41K…I can get that car for $37K or less before shipping…I live in Italy!

Now I have a few questions that you may all be able to help me out.

With the HIDs I have to order the Security Package…but other than some keyed lug nuts ($45) what else do I get for $395? What is the Active anti-theft accessory?
I think I know the answer to this on but would like some confirmation…does the glass roof weigh more or less than the standard roof?
I really like the grill and front fascia of the California Special but the CS severally limits other options…Brembos and rear cam to name two. I think I can live without the Camera but the Brembos, come on Ford!
What does the stock exhaust sound like on the 5.0? After we got the Challenger the first mod was an MBRP cat back…stock sounded to tame.
I am sure I will have more questions but those will come later!

Oh, the humanity of it...Mopar or No Car! Just kidding. I used to have an '07 CS/GT --loved it. With the 2nd kid---Charger SRT8 time, kids love the DVD and I do enjoy a Mustang snack every now and then.....No doubt, there will be a lot of 5.0's on the hunt of my 4100lbs (about 4350lbs with me in it) New Mustangs are VERY nice cars! Maybe after the kids are gone, I'd love to get another performance white cs/gt with the 'coyote' engine.........

Ok, better exit this forum, before I get nailed I've still got a lot of good friends on here--even though I went Mopar on them Heh, at least I kept it 'American' with my engine assembled in Mexico, Transmission from Germany and final assembly of my car in Brampton, Ontario (Canada)......just helping the global economy my friends! Oh yeah, go with the Grabber Blue---no contest. Nothing shines like a black car--also, nothing shows dirt like one either...tough to keep clean (if your daily driver). Ah, I miss my Mustang brothers/sisters....The Hunter has "become the hunted"

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