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If you let her drive the Mustang at Nürburgring, she'll never touch the Challenger again.

Originally Posted by SF18C View Post
I wish it was a simple as jumping in one for a test ride! So far there is only one 2011 5.0 reported in Europe! I did test drive a 2010 GT in December along with a 2010 SS Camaro…honestly the Camaro may have been the fastest at that time out of the 3…but I thought it was a cheap plastic knockoff of an import ricer: the low slung roof, high door line and goofy interior did not move me! I did like the styling and look of the ‘10 GT but it need more grunt to run with SRT8 and the GT500 was just a bit too much $$$. But the release of the 5.0 has now changed the game, Ford has scored a bit hit with this power plant!

What are the opinions on a “CAI” not so much as a performance adder, just to dress up the engine bay?
Also does the 5.0 or Cali Package come standard with a tower strut bar? I can’t seem to find a straight answer on that one.

Next big step done…showed the wife a picture of a grabber blue California; she didn’t turn up her nose! That is a good sign; she doesn’t much care for Mustangs! Then I showed her the quote I got, she didn’t walk out of the room. All is good! I have been thinking over the 3.73 rear end and even though I know the top end might suffer a bit I got to make sure I can take her off the line! She (yes SHE) went to the strip two weeks ago and brought home a second place trophy in the 13 second bracket! Add that with her a dozen laps of the Nürburgring and we will have some racing to do! Oh, she did give me “the look” when I told her I signed up for an account here! She told me no Challenger bashing allowed…I guess we will have to see!

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