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Best way to keep your cat off your car? Please Help!

Hi guys,

I've been having this issue for the past couple years. My previous car (first car) would constantly have paw prints on it from a cat, I never knew if it was my cat or another neighborhood cat until now. I just recently moved to a new neighborhood where my cat(Jammer) is pretty much the only cat on the block. About 3 days after bringing my new BLACK Mustang home I noticed paw prints and almost flipped my lid. There is also a imprint on the top of the car where you can see he laid on the roof. On my last car he or another cat used their nails while disembarking from my car and sunk their claws into the rear pillar behind the passenger door as they were coming down to brace their impact; The damage went well through the clear coat. I'm worried that this or worse will happen on the Mustang and be even more obvious since it's Black this time. In addition even if he doesn't scratch it it's annoying to have imprints all over the dusty hood from him and on the roof.. I had a friend jokingly say "It looks like Jammer had hookers and blow on the roof of Eva" Lol.

My mom mentioned that she heard of a protect that was some sort of a small pad that you put on your windshield that emitted a scent that kept cats far away from your car. But of course she doesn't know what it's called...

TIA for any help! I don't want to get rid of my cat but if I have no other option to save Eva then I might have to.

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