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Originally Posted by Ace_High View Post
Call the Dealer or Ford customer service.

Mine was built 5/24 and my ETA has been stuck at 5/31. They have no idea if/when they will get around to shipping it. I'm fed up. I have nothing good to say about any of this and will never order a car again.

My car was built that same week, and after the 6/15 ETA passed they finally changed it to 7/9. I very much doubt I will see it by then, it is still sitting on Ramp 51. I figure with the holiday weekend coming up, and where I live, if it is not on the train now there is no way I will see it by the ETA.

No offense to any owners, but all the people I see who ordered after my car was built and already have them make me sick. Ford has ruined the thrill of getting exactly what I want in options.
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