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Originally Posted by Kjanks View Post
I think 87 is making my Cats and Exhaust smell like rotten eggs....I just started to notice it. Do you think that is what its from? Or is there somthing else on the horizon. Also, when I picked it up from the dealer it had a top end ticking noise. I think they hot rodded it to hard or something. I am taking it to the dealer on Wed to see if its a lifter or a noisy injector. What do you guys think?
You'll get all kinds of funny smells until it's broken in. Mine has 700 miles on it, and it still smells funny, especially after running it hard. I get the rotten eggs now and again, and I always run 93 octane.

As for the tick, if you hear it only when the hood is open, you're hearing injectors. With the hood closed, if you're hearing it through the wheel wells at idle, you're hearing the typical Ford engine tick that apparently was not fixed even in this new iteration. Look at these threads:

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