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Originally Posted by AmericanWoman View Post
Well i was promised a car in 6 weeks.
I dont know why they'd actually promise you it in 6 weeks. Our dealer told us 6-8 weeks, but that he couldn't promise it to us, as it wasn't in his hands. (We had told him we need it by 8/14 or the deal will be off because we'll be f'd ... a big point is to use this car for a cross-country trip.)

So far it seems to be going well, I hope it stays on the fast track its been on - current scheduled ETA is 3 days before 6 weeks. All these waiting stories worry me! Ours is a base V6 coupe with the 101A package and 3.31s.

Did you get a copy of the build sheet from the dealer with an order number on it at least? I went to get that and it ended up having the VIN on it. My sales guy had actually told me we didn't have a VIN or anything yet when I asked him, but the day before I had gone and gotten it from the fleet manager who was covering for him.

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