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Nobody is telling him to abuse the cat and make it suffer. One shotgun shell would do the trick quickly and the cat would never feel it

Then get a dog.
Why don't you also condone dog killing!I had a dog scratch the hell out of my car by jumping on the side of it with it's front paws.I guess i just should have got my shotgun & blasted it!

GTF OFF MY CAR!!!!!!!!
He he he:smoke:
Hey ry66cobra it only took your rookie ass 18 posts 2 make a complete moron of yourself huh!

Maybe a motion-sensor sprinkler. Your car might get wet for a week or two, but kitty will soon learn that car park area isn't much fun.

Havahart Spray Away Motion Sprinkler Protects 1000 Sq. Ft. | Animal Control | Northern Tool + Equipment

A few more motion-sensor ultrasonic noise generators...
Either this or get a car cover or put it in a garage if you really do care that much about your PRECIOUS BABY!

What's with you idiots thinking it's ok to kill someones pet!If it's a stray who's fault is that someone didn't get their animals spayed or neutered!It's still not ok to advocate killing an animal because you can't be responsible for your vehicle!STOP THIS BS!

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