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Originally Posted by Mustang Airman View Post
Back when I got my car, the 5.0 was only a rumor. Nothing solid. Besides that, although i could swing the payment no problem, 35-40K is a lot more than 28K. So I went with the 10 thinking that I was only a SC away from having the best of both worlds.

Ehhhh to each his own I guess.

All nice cars. but the price of Mustang GT's is starting to get out of control.

I'm done hi-jacking this thread, sorry about that. Those comments get under my skin. I love my car. Nothing wrong with a 10' GT in my book.
That is an amazing deal on a 2010 you bought back in 09. At 28k, you must have saved 8k off MSRP back before the 11s were even announced.

FYI, you can order an 11 GT for 28k, as I did. With none of the unnecessary options, it is more of a driver's car than a luxury car.

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