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Black GT review


Ordered 4/23 build 5 /18/ delevered 6/24

OK 3 days and counting.............
Day 1-Little rusty on the stick. Although I have driven sticks all my life including the "windsor"" Mustangs, and heavy equipment. But not a lot recently. Wow I was bad. Never missed a shift or stalled. Clutch is so light and tranny is not forgiving. Easy to go from 5th to 2nd when you wanted to hit 4th. Figured that out pretty fast. Also I was not that aggressive. Actually did not feel good and was disapointed
Day 2-Started off the day same as day one. However picked up a friend who has a Porche. Let him drive. Holly crap he synced right in this car to make it go had to be spin up. Leaned a lot. Drove around a lot that day. Got used to the clutch and tranny. I live north so have lots of rural roads. Me and and roomate took her out for a couple of hours last night. Ok got it figured out. Got her over 100MPh in 4th gear. Gotta be carefull here on the speeds. Over 50 KMH and you are considered racing and huge fines a 10 day impound.
3rd day-Rained untill this evening. Black so left her in the garage. Rain stopped. Roads dried. Took her for another spin north Rural roads. Now used to the clutch and tranny. No issues.
Overall review-Man this car goes!! But gotta wind her up. Being a old guy with North American rides not used to that. Clutch incredably light. Tranny incredably short. Fit and finish is fantastic. Also this a amazng looking car.
Having some issues with the Nav/Sync but sure I will figure it out
Wanted a 5.0 since my last in 1985 (great car) I was 23 then. Paid 11 grand for it. Which was a lot back then. Now close to 50 and I am in heaven.

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