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Originally Posted by Corban227 View Post
i remember someone saying that the 2011 mustang has 2.71(or 2.63 or something around that number) rear gear ratio in the differential which is one of the major reasons the car get good gas mileage. i bet you could greatly improve that 0-60 time if you put 3.73 gears in that car!

The V6 comes with 2.73 with optional 3.31

The GT has a 3.31 with an optional 3.55 or 3.73.

98% of the GTS sent out for reviews already have the 3.73s but they quote you the gas mileadge for the 3.31s on the.

Same thing on the V6..they set out early Performance packed V6s fore the reviews with the 3.31s and better tires but quote you the gas mileadge for the standard 2.73 versions.

A little tricky but......the performance would get worse than what they tell you in the reviews if you buy one that is set up to get the gas mileadge they quote.

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