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a few points

GM got an operating loan from the government along with the major support. They used the major support money to pay off the operating loan then advertised and bragged that they paid the loan off early.

Someone mentioned robbing peter to pay paul....BINGO!

I borrow $1,000 from you for 3 months, then I borrow $100,000 from you for 5 years.

I pay you back the $1,000 in 10 days out of the $100,000 and tell all of our mutual friends I paid you back sooner.

Get it now?

The new Camaro looks cartoonish, it's interior is cheap and gaudy.

I am 6 ft tall but taller through the body, I love missing the top half of my vision by staring at the visor in the Camaro.

I also loved all the blind spots, man there is nothing like doing a lane change at Mach 3 and realizing there was somebody right there at the last minute.

Maybe thats what they mean when they advertise exhilarating!

I think welfare is for poor people , not car companies.

'nough said
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